Developed in conjunction with the University of Sheffield, ARMA is our own range of wear-resistant coatings. ARMA coatings are a pioneering solution to component wear problems that has been independently verified by Sheffield Hallam University. ARMA complements and enhances our traditionally produced wear-resistant parts by substantially increasing their durability and length of service.

The ARMA range of hard facings is exclusively available on all the products we produce. Using our in-house viscosity testing procedure we ensure that the correct formulation of powder is applied every time to enable huge savings and increased machinery utilisation.

Component Specific Solutions

Our wide-ranging experience of metals forming, 3D modelling and practical wear applications allows us to advise on how to develop your component to its full potential. From the truly exceptional performance of ARMACARB, to the various ARMATECH and ARMAWELD formulae, we are able to specify which type of wear protection is appropriate for your product’s specific wear affected zone.

Our full range of hard coatings includes: