Chapmans offer an exclusive borazon coating with added tungsten carbide granules called Armatech

Developed in conjunction with the University of Sheffield, this coating is applied as a slurry to any surface the customer requests before being sintered hard with a final bespoke heat treatment process, to ensure the parent section is fully hardened.

Benefits Include:

  • Wear life extended by up to 3 times
  • Low porosity within the sintered metal matrix
  • No Heat Affected Zone – secondary heat treatment reverses this drawback unlike with traditional hard facing processes that compromise hardness values
  • Can be applied to components with complex geometries and curves without re-engineering the parent part

Today this coating is one of the only surface treatments commercially available that does not compromise the integrity of the substrate to which it is fused. After application of the Armatech formula, components undertake PLC monitored sintering in an atmosphere controlled furnace followed by secondary heat treatment processes.

Over the years our Armatech coating has proven exceptionally popular with customers who manufacture products for stony grounds due to its impact and fracture resistance. Where operational downtime or changeover time is at a premium, Armatech provides an alternative solution, keeping machines in the field for longer.

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