Added wear life

In certain situations an added level of wear resistance is required to allow a part to stay in the field for longer.

In these situations, and where Armacarb is not permitted due to financial or design constraints, Chapmans recommend Armaweld which is our unique hard face welding. Typical applications are along the leading edges of cultivation legs where the abrasive nature of the soil can quickly erode an expensive part.

Some of our customers request a hard face weld with extra levels of carbide in called Armaweld Plus. This specialist welding contains added flakes of carbide to create an even more durable edge.

Armaweld specialist welding contains added tungsten carbide at up to 40% content, to create an even more durable edge. This ensures an even consistency of toughness with no soft areas, as seen with tungsten granule type additions in the hard facing.

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    At Chapmans we pride ourselves on providing the industry’s highest quality parts by controlling all processes in house and sourcing only the highest grades of steel from European mills.


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    In today’s unpredictable world, OEM’s need a manufacturing partner that has the infrastructure, personnel, systems and experience to safeguard their future. The facility, team and ownership at Chapmans provide a solid foundation that our customers can trust and rely upon.


    Working in partnership with OEM designers, Chapmans provide innovative and bespoke solutions which translate into real life benefits for the farmers. Coupling our experience with a wealth of CAD modelling talent and a 3D printer, Chapmans take concepts from prototype to volume production.

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