One of the key benefits of working with Chapmans is our use of Boron steel

What is Boron steel?

  • Boron Steel is steel that has had minute levels of the interstitial element Boron added to it, cost effectively improving its hardenability and increasing its strength.
  • Boron Steel can be hot worked and direct quenched, allowing it to be formed into different shapes and sizes for different applications.
  • Key to its adoption in the agricultural industry is its excellent wear properties which provide tangible benefits for the farmers.
  • Extremely Durable
  • Flexible Sizing
  • Sourced from Europe

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    Pre-hardened steel – the inferior alternative

    • Risk of fracture during cold forming.
    • Difficult to form in thicker sections.
    • Longer machining times due to its original hardness value.
    • Offers a compromise in terms of hardness level – not the ultimate for durability.
    • Processing such as laser cutting softens the material, particularly in the area around any fixing holes.
    • High material cost with expensive process waste.
    • Difficult To Form
    • Risk Of Fracture
    • Often Requires Expensive Fabrication

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